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Founder, Total Athlete Care


Anna Terry is a soft-tissue health and kinetic chain specialist.  The former Director of Integrative Health in the Dartmouth College Athletics Peak Performance Program,  Anna founded their soft-tissue health program--the largest in all of Division I sports.  Working with all teams and 1000 + athletes annually,  Anna provided manual therapy sessions for both injured and in-season athletes, ran mobility + movement sessions,  taught sport specific injury prevention classes and integrated into strength and conditioning to ensure better functional movement and performance.  A member of the Peak Performance leadership team, Anna also worked closely with sport coaches, sport psychologists and nutritionists to ensure athletes were well cared for.


After her time at Dartmouth Anna transitioned to Killington Mountain School to serve as their Director of Athlete Care.  Having recognized that many of the Division I athletes she worked with in her time at Dartmouth came into the institution with pre-existing chronic issues, she was excited to explore if, and if so how, she could intervene earlier in an athlete’s career. While at KMS, Anna worked in a similar capacity as she did at Dartmouth, but was able to help athletes establish healthy rest and recovery routines, and work with coaches to adjust training plans for individual athlete’s body types in order to prevent many of the chronic issues she had seen in college athletes.   A member of KMS’s High Performance Team, Anna coordinated care with external health care providers and worked to empower the youth athlete population with the knowledge they needed to avoid injury.   


A current member of the US Cross Country Ski Team Medical Pool,  Anna does manual therapy sessions with their athletes both stateside and in season on the World Cup.


A former member of both the US Canoe and Kayak Slalom Whitewater Junior and Senior Teams, Anna understands what it is like to compete and train in both youth and elite sports.  A lifelong athlete, Anna spends her time nordic + alpine skiing, trail running, doing yoga, meditating and playing outside with her husband and their two kids.

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Photo Credit: Ansel Dickey @ Vermont Social


Total Athlete Care (TAC) takes a holistic approach to Athlete Performance. By imbedding muscular + myofascial mobility and self-care into athletes’ routines, TAC helps athletes optimize their performance while significantly reducing their likelihood of injury. Each athlete’s TAC journey begins with an individualized mobility assessment and goal setting session. From that session, TAC develops individual athlete plans that incorporate soft tissue therapy and corrective exercise as well as structured mobility and recovery strategies. While TAC works with many athletes throughout their entire careers, the ultimate goal of TAC is to empower athletes with the tools and knowledge necessary to self-address and take a continuous, active role in their own self-care.  TAC athletes learn to assess their own physical well being, implement personal micro-interventions using TAC tools and techniques, and constructively engage with the other members of their care team (athletic trainer, strength coach, chiropractor, physical therapist, nutritionist, sports psychologist, etc). Ultimately, the TAC method helps develop athletes who perform at peak by understanding their mind and body well and possessing the ability to manage the ebbs and flows of training, competition and life.


  • Nationally Board Certified and Licensed Massage Therapist (NCBTMB)

  • Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor + Educator

  • NASM Personal Trainer

  • Behavior Change Specialist (NASM)

  • FMS (Functional Movement Systems)


  • Active Release Techniques (Upper and Lower Body)

  • Craniosacral Therapy

  • Myofascial Release + Unwinding 

  • Polarity Therapy

  • Active Isolated Stretching

History + current professional work

  • Director of Player Health and Performance - Vermont Fusion Soccer / Women's Premier Soccer League Team (WPSL), 2021 - Present

  • ​High Performance Coach - Burr and Burton Academy, 2022 - Present

  • ​Director of Athlete Care - Killington Mountain School, 2018-2020

  • Director of Integrative Health - Peak Performance Program - Dartmouth  College Athletics, 2011-2016

  • Founder: Total Athlete Care, 2017 - Present

  • Owner/Founder: Anna Terry / bodyKinesis, LLC , 2006-2017

  • Founder/Creator of DP2 Massage and Mobility Programming for Athletes at Dartmouth College - Peak Performance Program, 2011 - 2016

  • Board Certified & Licensed Massage/Manual Therapist since 2002

  • Yoga Instructor Trainer and Educator

  • NASM Personal Trainer, focus on Athlete Mobility and Recovery

  • USA National Team, Whitewater Kayak Slalom, Retired from Sport: 2003

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